About Asickomillionaire

This the official website of the richest man from Manyu Asick Eta Dalton . I am now a new man Asickomillionaire , the BitcoinBuddha ,  also know as Hafid the greatest salesman in the world. 

The book THINK AND GROW RICH by napoleon changed my life it has made me a multi-millionaire now ending upwards of 5 millions CFA frs every month. You too can change your life if you have a burning desire , faith and persistence . The desire to become rich and wealthy is the desire for freedom . I love freedom more than anything on earth that’s why i decided i must be the richest man from Manyu.

The universe is great. 

I used to serve the universe , now the universe serves me. I am a Causer not a sufferer of causes.

The Buddha has removed all my fears through the heart sutra and i can now see the light of enlightenment(through the diamond sutra).